Business Coach, Speaker, Podcaster

For Financial Planners who
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Business coach, speaker, podcaster

Running a financial planning business is incredibly rewarding.  It can also be hard at times. I know. I did it for 10 years. And I loved it. Most days. Some days were just plain tough.

At its core, running a financial planning business is about people. Your team, your clients, your partners and of course you.

Whether you need a Coach, Mentor, Thinking Partner, Consultant or a (gently) challenging Friend, I’m on your side. 

Those who work with me:

  • Thrive in their business
  • Allocate time and energy for their life outside work
  • Have a team who love coming to work each day
  • Improve their overall wellbeing
  • Are less stressed
  • Know their direction of travel
  • Feel supported
  • Grow their profitability

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What do others say about me?

30 minutes speaking with Ruth is worth hours of independent self-reflection. I thought as a financial planner, my great questions could work equally well on myself. They didn’t!

Ruth has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the decisions facing my business, and almost experience how the different scenarios could play out.

I always felt Ruth was on my side and wanted the best outcome for me. She considers the personal impact of business, whilst also driving better results.

I’d describe Ruth in 3 words: supportive, challenging and positive.

Gregory Deer

Founder of Muvado

Ruth has been a brilliant thinking partner for me. She is kind, direct and a radical thinker that will add great value to any business. She has supported me through tough and challenging issues that I needed to deal with and helped me face the discomfort that these situations bring.

She has a brilliant way of offering her perspective and different views in a balanced and non-intrusive way which makes collaborating and talking things through really dynamic. I have always come away from conversations with Ruth energised, with greater clarity and it has led me to make far better decisions than I would have on my own.

3 words: wise, considerate and curious

Helena Wardle

Founder of Money Means and
co-founder of Smith & Wardle