About me

Life for me is feeling purpose, meaning and being with my friends and family, eating, drinking, being outside and feeling fit, relaxed and happy. Some of which takes more work than others.

I also love the financial planning world and helping others be the best they can be.

Having co-founded a financial planning business in 2007 (The Red House), which I successfully merged into another firm in 2017 (Paradigm Norton) I understand the highs and lows of running your own business.

I have experience of setting up a financial planning practice, structuring and managing a high performing team, finding new clients, building an excellent client experience, dealing with challenging clients, team members and business partners, buying out a business partner, negotiating the sale of our business and most importantly managing the business transition into Paradigm Norton.

My ongoing work as a Non Executive Director, Financial Wellbeing advocate, podcast host, speaker and fin tech investor gives me a continued understanding of the personal finance world.

What about you?

What do others say about me?

I have been lucky enough to work with Ruth over the last 8 years, initially within her Financial Planning Business, and more recently as a coach and mentor. Without doubt Ruth has had the single biggest impact on my career and provided me with invaluable support as I have transitioned into a senior leadership position.

Ruth’s passion for people is infectious and her natural curiosity helps her scratch below the surface in a coaching capacity without it ever feeling intrusive. She is able to provide healthy challenge which helps me view things from other people’s perspective and allows me to achieve a better outcome. Whenever I speak with Ruth, I always have clarity around how to tackle the pressing issues and know that someone will hold me to account to achieving my goals.

Ruth’s experience across Financial Planning both in running a successful business and delivering exceptional client service, coupled with her natural coaching ability, gives her a unique insight that can add real value to her clients.

3 words: inspiring, curious and passionate

Tommy Watson

Associate Director Paradigm Norton

I cannot overstate the invaluable help Ruth has been since we started working together just over two years ago.

During that time, she has mentored, coached and supported me through a number of significant changes, including a business separation and the transition to FCA Direct Authorisation.

Her ability to listen closely, ask pertinent questions and gently challenge when necessary, has helped me to develop as a business owner, mentor to my own team and a person.

Ruth is a highly experienced financial planner and business owner and a good person. She has been invaluable to me and worth every penny.

3 words: empathetic generous insightful

Catherine Greeves

Founder, CEO and Chartered Financial Planner, Greenstone Financial Planning