About you

You have your own business. You may want to accelerate your growth. You could be looking at buying a new business. Or selling one.

You may feel like you need an injection of energy. A new direction, help with a thorny issue. Someone to be in your corner.

It can be lonely being the final decision maker.

Any questions?

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Where I can help

The areas I work on with my clients include:

  • Mindset; building confidence and getting out of your own way.
  • Honing your culture and strategic direction by defining your purpose, values and 1, 3 and 5 year goals,
  • Providing frameworks to help make difficult decisions and have tough conversations
  • Building and growing a happy and functioning team,
  • Introducing financial wellbeing and a coaching approach into your practice
  • Transforming your client’s experience
  • Finding new clients
  • Holding you accountable to do the things you say you want to do
  • Defining and  building confidence around fee structures, fee conversations and articulating your value.
  • Knowing when and how to sell your business.

What do others say about me?

I approached Ruth to help me in the lead up to the purchase of the business within which I worked. Given this was not something I had done before, I was finding the process challenging especially around the negotiation conversations and at times I was completely overwhelmed.

Ruth helped me with this overwhelm and enabled me to go into these discussions with confidence. She was able to help me break it down into all of the important areas that needed to be discussed and most importantly take out the emotion attached. There was not a time that she wasn’t available to whatsapp or take a call from me and I benefited massively from her experience and good judgement.

Three words to describe Ruth: Intuitive, empathetic, genuine

Siobhan Record

Owner, CEO and Financial Planner Cre8

I feel very fortunate that Ruth has been a fantastic mentor and ally through a number of stages and transitions in my financial planning career. Her calm insights and wisdom have helped me keep an important sense of perspective many times. As a business owner it can be a challenge not to be overwhelmed when you’re trying to keep all the plates spinning, but Ruth is brilliant at reminding me to keep mine and the company’s focus on the truly important elements and not be distracted by the noise.

Working through challenges with Ruth has helped me navigate often complex and delicate scenarios. It’s rare to find Ruth’s special combination of ‘on the job’ experience and expertise in relation to people and business leadership, with financial planning knowledge and the challenges that can crop up when working with clients. This means you get a perspective that balances all these important elements of a Financial Planning business.

There have been many times that knowing I have someone standing in my corner has meant I’ve approached a situation with far more confidence and conviction than I otherwise would have.

Emily Turgoose

Founder and Managing Director – Life Matters